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Eva Mendes

eva mendes

Nicknames: Eva

Birth Date: March 5, 1974

Birth Place: Miami, Florida

Height: 5'7

Eyes: Brown

Sign: Pisces

Profession: Actress, Model

Favorite Past Time: Interior Decorating

Best Known as : Sexy Cuban-American co-star of Training Day

Eva Mendes is a young fashion Cuban-American model, Actress. Eva is a boldly independent actor who denys to participate in traditional mode or assort. Eva captured the attention of moviegoers in a small, but pivotal role in the critically acclaimed film, "Training Day".

Eva Mendes started her film career through commercial to music video, after that guest appearance in televesion serials and supporting actress in films. As other famous and favorite celebrities like Liv Tyler, Alicia Silverstone, Eva also commencement her acting profession in an Aerosmith video.

Eva Mendes cotinued with her comedy role in the movie "A Night at the Roxbury", and after that smaller assignments, regained in the year 2000 by performing in the film "Urban Legends, Final Cut". It was there that Eva Mendes began to popular as a boxy, irascible and sexy flirt, Eva was continued in the action hit Exit Wounds and especially in her most appriciated role, as Denzel Washington's wife in "Training Day" in the year 2001. Eva Mendes is writing a book for children, "Crazy Leggs Beshee". Ablazed by her nieces and nephews, Eva willing to introduce vocabulary, art, history and values through a medium kids grasp.

In the year 2003, Eva Mendes career light out, as an actress appearing on large performance in an electic assemblage of big budget films. In the film "2 Fast 2 Furious" Eva Mendes played a customs agent against Paul Walker to bring down a Miami drug pool. Out of Time found her coordination with Training Day with Denzel Washington. Apart from Eva's comedi roles, Eva Mendes found the love interest of concomitant twins in the Farrelly brothers' "Stuck on You". Again in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" Eva performed another government agent, with Johnny Depp.

In 2004 saw no representation of Eva Mendes turn back with the Cuban-American beauty performed as the ex-girlfriend of Luke Wilson in "The Wendell Baker Story", a film Wilson co-written with Owen Wilson and co-directed with sibling Andrew Wilson.

Recently Eva Mendes is in production on Columbia Picture’s supermundane action, adventure, "Ghost Rider" starred with Nicolas Cage is directed by Mark Steven Johnson.

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